Vehicle Engine Management

Vehicle Engine Management

Monitoring your fleet with a GPS fleet management system is the first step to effectively managing your vehicles, knowing where they are and what they are doing at all times. The Future Fleet Vehicle Engine Management solution is the next step in fleet monitoring that will optimise your operations and benefit your business enormously.

Not only will you know exactly where your vehicles are, but your business will reduce fleet costs, improve driver safety and increase fuel efficiency through vital data including vehicle performance, driver behaviour and real-time engine diagnostics. Future Fleet achieves this by accessing CAN bus information received directly from the vehicle in real-time.

Fleet operators will have total control of their fleet with the ability to monitor and measure vehicle speed, over revving, idling, hash braking, over temperature, oil pressure, fuel efficiency, kilometres driven to emissions, engine trouble codes, CO2 reports and more.

Future Fleet gives you great control of your fleet with advanced GPS engine management systems:

Lower fuel costs. Measure you fuel usage and mileage with detailed reports outlining fuel consumption patterns providing you with the tools to improve your fleet fuel efficiency.

Enhance driver behaviour and vehicle efficiency. Reduce harsh braking and harsh accelerations. Receive speed, excessive idling and harsh braking alerts to assist in better driver behaviour practices. Give drivers access to their driving performance status allowing them to make better driving choices increasing their safety and your vehicles efficiency.

Improve preventive maintenance practices. Schedule maintenance and tyre servicing with reminder alerts automatically generated by Future Fleet. By tracking your odometer reading and other engine data, Future Fleet will enable you to reduce repair, labour and replacement costs.

Reduce costly vehicle breakdowns. Automatic vehicle diagnostic alerts notify you of arising problems in real-time, allowing you to prevent potential breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs, and improve customer service.

The Future Fleet Vehicle Engine Management system is suitable for trucks, buses, coaches, cars and light commercial vehicles. It combines real-time second-by-second CAN bus data and GPS technology with easy to use web reporting giving fleet operators a complete engine monitoring solution.

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