The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) allows transport operators to gain improved heavy vehicle access to Australia's road network, reduced trip times and higher permitted loads, in return for monitored compliance with agreed access conditions by an IAP Service Provider.

The benefits of IAP include:
•  Assured compliance at all times
•  Carry more mass
•  Operate longer vehicles
•  Gain access to a specific road or network
•  Operate with additional trailers
•  Replace paper-based permits
•  Increased profits
•  Reduce trips
•  Fuel savings

Future Fleet offer IAP Services through a number of TCA certified IAP Service Providers. Future Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions can be used alongside IAP ensuring transport operators are compliant with government road regulations now and in the future.

For more information on IAP go to www.iap.gov.au

For more information on Future Fleet IAP Solutions contact us on 07 3286 3220.