With our team collectively having 30+ years of experience in the telecommunication and GPS telematics industry, Future Fleet is a well-known and trusted brand for our, Solution focused approach, industry product knowledge, innovative QA service delivery processes and end to end customer service and support structure.

Customer Service

Delivering a great customer experience is an integral part of the Future Fleet solution offering. This ethos extends through every aspect of our interaction with our customers. From the first steps in understanding their needs to implementing the best fit for purpose solution and continuous after sales service and support.

Unique to the market

Future Fleet has designed solutions unique to the market, incorporating new technologies into our existing product range specific to customers’ needs including AI technology and Thermo King/Carrier integrations. At present, we have partnered with Myriota to create a next generation, low-cost, low-power, secure direct-to-orbit satellite IoT device.

Future Fleet Uses Software Systems And Programs To Deliver IVMS Solutions

Seeing a need for greater GPS technology in the transportation and logistics industries, Future Fleet began in 2003 offering the latest in software solutions to meet the needs of its customers. Based in Brisbane, the company offers In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS systems) all throughout Australia. With advances in technology over …read more.

Efficient Mining Vehicle Tracking With A Reliable System And Programs Can Reduce Overall Costs

With the size and scope of Australia it is not uncommon that you may have to take jobs in remote locations far away from your home office and fleet base. The cost associated with your fleet’s travel can rise quickly, especially with the new fuel tax in effect. Expensive overheard costs associated with taking a …read more.

Bus Tracking Solutions Are The Newest Step Forward In Commercial Vehicle Tracking

As Australia’s transit industry grows the need for more efficient drivers, safer transit practices, and staying on top of environmental concerns are very important. As an increasing number of …read more.

Help Your Drivers Stay Awake By Using Driver Fatigue Software And Systems

It has happened to many drivers. Long distances, the hum of the road, late nights or several days of driving one after the other. Eventually every driver will have had at least one experience with fatigue at the wheel. Drivers work long and hard hours in order to …read more.

Use Fleet IVMS And GPS Fleet Tracking To Increase Your Productivity And Profits

GPS fleet tracking is a fantastic and modern way to make sure you know where your fleet is at all times. It can give you up to date information on any of the vehicles in your fleet as well as real time statistics on location, performance, or emergency situations. It is common for …read more.

Australia’s Leading Fleet Vehicle Tracking Providers, Future Fleet Offers Tracking Programs And Devices To Help Customers Establish Effective Monitoring Systems

Businesses in the transportation and logistics industries are constantly searching for solutions that can help them be more productive and, ultimately, earn them more profit. Future Fleet has emerged into …read more.

For Cost Effective Fleet Vehicle Tracking Solutions, Future Fleet Has The Software, Systems, And Programs That Can Improve Your Company’s Productivity

Future Fleet has developed into one of Australia’s leading providers of fleet vehicle tracking systems. The company stocks the latest in GPS tracker technology so that it is able to provide quality products and the most cost effective …read more.

Future Fleet Is Australia’s Specialist In GPS Vehicle Tracking And Car Tracking With Various Tracking Systems To Monitor Activity

When looking for fleet management solutions in Australia, Future Fleet is the name you can trust for the best possible GPS tracking systems available. For over a decade, the company has been specialising in advanced GPS vehicle tracking, fleet management, asset tracking, and …read more.

Australia’s Leading GPS Vehicle Tracking Providers, Future Fleet, Provide Tracking Software, Systems, And A Program To Ensure Customer’s Productivity

For real time vehicle tracking, Australia’s leader is Future Fleet, which provides customised solutions in the area of fleet management. The company specialises in advanced GPS vehicle tracking systems as well as fleet management, asset tracking, and more. The goal is to …read more.

Protect Your Employees With IVMS With Man Down Lone Worker From Future Fleet Providers Of Real Time GPS Live Tracking Solutions

Those who work in the mining industry can benefit greatly from the solutions provided by Australia’s leading IVMS providers, Future Fleet. Drivers working in the industry can find themselves in very remote areas often working alone. Navigating hazardous terrain can be dangerous, especially when …read more.

When Looking For Mining Vehicle Tracking Providers Use One That Provides Customised Devices And Software

When searching out mining vehicle tracking providers you want a company that is going to make sure their products and services are designed specifically for your needs. That is why Future fleet is …read more.

For All Your Tracking Software Solutions, Future Fleet Is Among Australia’s Leading Real Time Vehicle Tracking Providers

In 2003 in response to a lack of quality GPS technology in the transportation and logistics industries, Future Fleet was founded. With three decades of experience in telecommunications, Future Fleet management understands what it takes to provide not only the …read more.

Future Fleet Is Australia’s Specialist In Real Time Vehicle Tracking Using An In-Vehicle Device And GPS System

Keeping track of your fleet and assets can be a difficult job without the assistance of a top-notch fleet management company such as Future Fleet. Since 2003, the company has been servicing all of Australia specialising in advanced GPS real time vehicle tracking as well as …read more.

Find Solar Trailer Tracking Devices At One Of Australia’s Leading Providers Of Tracking Software, Future Fleet

One of Australia’s leaders in GPS vehicle tracking devices also offers solutions unique to the transportation and logistics markets. Future Fleet, founded in Brisbane in 2003, began out of a necessity for greater GPS technology in the transportation and …read more.

Solar Trailer Tracking Programs Are A Unique System Developed By Future Fleet

One of Australia’s leading providers of fleet management and GPS tracking systems, Future Fleet, has always been at the cutting edge of technology in the industry. The company has earned a …read more.

Feel Secure About Your Fleet By Using Truck Tracking Providers With Strong Devices And Up To Date Software

Roads long, and your business’s work destinations may be far away. You can’t afford to lose track of even one truck in your fleet. Not only can this cause issues that could be detrimental business, but could also lead to the loss of goods belonging to the client. It could ruin them and …read more.

Truck Tracking: A System And Program To Reward Good Driving

You can only learn so much about an employee from an interview. Most of your assessments will come over time on the job. If you work in an office you will have day-to-day interactions with the employee, be able to watch as they work, and talk often with them about their progress, any problems they are …read more.

Australia’s Leading Vehicle Tracking Providers With Fleet Management Software Solutions

Australian companies in the transportation and logistics industries are benefitting from the vehicle tracking solutions provided by Future Fleet. Based in Brisbane, the company operates and provides solutions for companies all over the country. Customers using the company’s services are experiencing reductions in …read more.

Future Fleet Is Australia’s Leading Source For A Complete Vehicle Tracking System Or Tracking Device

Companies looking to become more efficient in their transportation and logistics sectors can benefit from real time GPS vehicle tracking from Future Fleet. Founded in 2003, the company recognised a …read more.

Future Fleet is a Leading Provider of Truck Tracking Solutions

If you are in the mining industry, you understand that the job is a risky one. When going into work, you are at risk for cave-ins, gas explosions, chemical leakage, electrocution, and the chance of vehicle and equipment collisions on site. Many mining companies have been switching to the Autonomous Hauling System that was …read more.

Future Fleet, Providers of Asset Tracking Solutions, Protects the Bottom Line and the Environment

The idea of “food miles” is a popular concern among environmental activists, but economists have also adopted it as a model for all forms of transportation efficiency. It was originally intended to bring attention to the ecological impact of transporting food over long distances, but the …read more.

Bus Tracking Solutions from Qualified Providers: Essential for Growth and Safety

Transportation systems are often likened to living circulatory systems: established routes carry vital components throughout, and the system’s efficiency is paramount to the health of the organism. Likewise with transportation providers, people and products are …read more.

Need A Fleet Tracking Provider And Solution? Future Fleet Is One Of Australia’s Leading Fleet Tracking Providers Offering Custom Solutions

Fleet tracking can provide your business with the tools it needs to be successful. Future Fleet was started in 2003 to bring quality fleet tracking solutions to those in the transport and logistics industries. Over a decade later, the company is one of Australia’s leading providers of …read more.

A Garmin Fleet Tracking Provider, Future Fleet Is One Of Australia’s Leading Providers Of GPS Tracking Solutions And Monitoring Systems

Future Fleet provides the transportation and logistics industries with Garmin fleet tracking solutions for a wide range of applications. The company, which began in 2003, offers customised GPS tracking systems as well as ongoing support and outstanding customer service. The company devises fleet …read more.

As One Of Australia’s Leading Providers Of Garmin GPS Tracking Solutions, Future Fleet Is The Provider Of An Advanced Fleet Management Solution For Your Business

Businesses across Australia are in need of quality fleet management services. Future Fleet is one of the country’s leading Garmin GPS tracking providers offering advanced GPS fleet tracking systems, GPS vehicles, and asset and trailer tracking solutions. Since its inception in 2003, Future Fleet has worked to …read more.

Searching for a GPS Asset Tracking Provider? Future Fleet Delivers Premium Solutions in Australia

It’s a forgotten stretch of road, tucked along the Queensland border. A lone truck sputters down it – driver anxiously trying to find a signal, trailer chugging slowly behind. There’s no sense of direction and no help in sight. This is an all too common scenario for …read more.

Looking for GPS Bus Tracking Solutions? Future Fleet Provides Essential Transit Services

One goal shapes the transit system: passenger safety. All buses, coaches, and private fleets must constantly strive for the best possible results, inspiring consumer confidence through superior driving and careful traffic monitoring. Every kilometre is a …read more.

Provide An Easy Tracking Solution With Garmin Fleet Management Solutions From One Of The Leading Providers In Australia

Future Fleet, based in Brisbane, is now an authorised partner of Garmin, providing reliable and cost-effective fleet management solutions to businesses throughout Australia. The company, which started in 2003, has been designing and customising GPS tracking systems and …read more.

Future Fleet is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For! We have You Covered as One of Australia’s Top GPS Tracking Providers

Since 2003, Michael Worthington – founder of Future Fleet’s innovative GPS and tracking solutions that have been helping transport and logistics industries like yours all over the country – has understood that with technology expanding at phenomenal rates, we need to …read more.

Future Fleet Provides Tracking Solutions Here and Now

It’s no mystery that the cost of fuel has gone up over the past few years, and will only keep climbing as time goes on. Combined with the new fuel tax, companies using fleets are losing money daily which is not helping the success of businesses across the …read more.

Improve Your Delivery Service with Cold Chain Asset Monitoring Programs and Refrigerated Asset Tracking Programs

Australia is a huge nation, and as a company that provides chilled goods to a variety of clients across New South Wales and beyond, you need a way to assure your customers that their goods will arrive in good condition. Chilled goods can cause a variety of …read more.

How Cold Chain and Refrigerated Asset Monitoring and Tracking Providers Can Help You

If your company sells and delivers refrigerated goods, you will need a way to ensure they constantly remain at the correct temperature during transportation. It’s relatively easy to monitor the temperature of your goods on-site, but it becomes more challenging …read more.

Your Cold Chain Asset Monitoring and Refrigerated Asset Tracking Solutions:

If your company regularly works with refrigerated assets, then quality control is probably important to you. Maybe you invest a lot of money in the cold storage systems on your property so that you can preserve your goods at the standards your customers …read more.

Why You Need Cold Chain Transport Monitoring Programs or Refrigerated Transport Tracking Programs

In the modern, ultra-competitive world of business, you need to go above and beyond to keep your current customers and continue winning new ones. Even if you’ve been running your business successfully for years, new businesses open constantly, and many of them …read more.

Where to Find Cold Chain Transport Tracking and Refrigerated Transport Monitoring

If you produce perishable goods, you probably want to make sure they stay fresh from the time you produce them until the sale. In many cases, however, this is easier said than done. The truth is that once a product leaves your production facilities, it can …read more.

What Exactly Are Telematics Asset and Transport Monitoring and Tracking Programs?

Technological advancements have revolutionised almost every aspect of our lives, and the way in which we do business is no exception. You would find it very difficult to discover the likes of a typewriter in any modern office, and computers are found on every …read more.

Telematics Asset Monitoring and Transport Tracking

If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles that typically make long journeys to ship products or provide services, you may be wondering how to manage them more effectively. After all, how can you tell if your vehicle is being driven effectively or properly …read more.

Find Programs, Software and Systems at these Telematics Providers

If you have a fleet of vehicles on the road regularly and clients who rely on them, you probably want to make sure they’re always operated safely and effectively. It’s also a good idea to know where your vehicles are at any given time so that you can provide more …read more.

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