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Future Fleet, Providers of Asset Tracking Solutions, Protects the Bottom Line and the Environment

The idea of “food miles” is a popular concern among environmental activists, but economists have also adopted it as a model for all forms of transportation efficiency. It was originally intended to bring attention to the ecological impact of transporting food over long distances, but the solutions for the problem of “food miles” can also be applied to the complex costs of moving any kind of product or service.


With our team collectively having 30+ years of experience in the telecommunication and GPS telematics industry, Future Fleet is a well-known and trusted brand for our, Solution focused approach, industry product knowledge, innovative QA service delivery processes and end to end customer service and support structure.

Customer Service

Delivering a great customer experience is an integral part of the Future Fleet solution offering. This ethos extends through every aspect of our interaction with our customers. From the first steps in understanding their needs to implementing the best fit for purpose solution and continuous after sales service and support.

Unique to the market

Future Fleet has designed solutions unique to the market, incorporating new technologies into our existing product range specific to customers’ needs including AI technology and Thermo King/Carrier integrations. At present, we have partnered with Myriota to create a next generation, low-cost, low-power, secure direct-to-orbit satellite IoT device.

Future Fleet began its journey as a provider of asset tracking solutions when Michael Worthington recognised the explosive potential of GPS technology to improve transportation and logistics.

Companies must invest not only in products, but also the drivers and vehicles used to transport them. Enlisting a provider to protect these assets is crucial to financial success, and the environment also wins when increased efficiency reduces waste, fuel use, and terrain degradation. Keep Drivers and Assets Closer

Australia is the proud home of staggeringly diverse climates and landscape, which demands adaptability and fortitude in any venture. An asset tracking provider can help organisations better understand and protect the health of drivers and their vehicles. It is also a portal for data that can be used to find the best routes in very specific situations.

Distance is a serious concern, especially when assets must be transported to remote locations with unreliable data coverage and communication. Such locations pose unique risks and challenges for both the driver and the vehicle, which makes a reliable asset tracking solution essential.

Satellite and NextG technology ensures tracking data is available even when assets are in the most inaccessible areas. This kind of assurance was unheard of only a few decades ago, making faraway ventures dangerous and expensive. Asset tracking providers such as Future Fleet are experts in developing a tailored solution which enables an organisation to monitor the real-time status of vehicles and their drivers, wherever they are.

Tracking Data Saves Time and Money

Several tech giants, coupled with cellular providers and their satellite access, have built extremely intelligent route planning applications using GPS technology.

Although these solutions are immensely useful to individual travelers, they are often ill-suited to the changing needs of service and cargo transportation. Tracking providers like Future Fleet specialise in meeting these needs.

For example, an online mapping tool recommends the quickest route from A to B which requires a lengthy incline to access a busy expressway tunnel. This route is perfectly suited to passenger vehicles, but proves laborious and slow for a truck and trailer. Fortunately, previous data reveals an alternate course which circumvents the hill entirely, saving both fuel and time even though it adds a few kilometres to the journey.

Examining GPS asset tracking data enables organisations to discover the most efficient route from A to B without necessarily hiring a driver who is familiar with a particular area.

Asset Tracking Protects the Environment Finally, let’s consider the Earth’s delicate ecosystem. Concerns over the impact of human activity on the environment are troubling, and yet it is impossible to formulate a clear solution to the problem. Improving transportation efficiency not only protects the financial health of a company, it also reduces the need to burn fossil fuels and lessens the degradation of habitat and terrain by choosing the most suitable roads. Asset tracking provides better data which leads to smarter, more efficient decisions.

“The staff at Future Fleet are always available and ready to give us any further information that we require to better utilise the system”
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Titan Industries

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