How Cold Chain and Refrigerated Asset Monitoring and Tracking Providers Can Help You

If your company sells and delivers refrigerated goods, you will need a way to ensure they constantly remain at the correct temperature during transportation. It’s relatively easy to monitor the temperature of your goods on-site, but it becomes more challenging when they’re on the move. However, refrigerated foods such as meats and dairy products need to remain chilled to prevent bacteria growth, and many vaccines and other medical items need to be kept at a stable temperature to ensure they remain effective. Thankfully, the latest technological advancements can help you continuously monitor the temperate of your goods while being transported – and they can also do much more than that.

Cold chain asset monitoring providers are there to supply you with the programs you need to ensure your goods remain at their required temperature. By utilising GPS technology, you can monitor the temperature inside your vehicles no matter where they are, even if they’re on remote roads, and reporting can be done in real time if required. Additionally, depending on your requirements, cold chain asset tracking providers can supply you with programs that monitor your drivers’ behaviour so that you can assure your customers their products are handled with care. However, because there are many refrigerated asset tracking providers, it can be difficult to find the best one.

At Future Fleet, we’ve been refrigerated asset monitoring providers since 2003, and we’ve provided our programs to thousands of companies in Brisbane and beyond. We endeavour to be the best providers in Australia by constantly utilising the latest technology, ensuring our programs are easy to use, providing an unmatched level of customer service and making sure our programs will not fail or let you down. Keep reading below to find out how our programs can benefit your business.

The Benefits of Refrigerated Asset Monitoring Providers

Needless to say, the main benefit of our refrigerated asset monitoring programs is that they allow you to monitor the temperature of your goods, but they can also be beneficial in the following ways.

  • Keep track of your drivers’ locations and plan rest stops – Your drivers may have to drive over long distances to reach your customers, making it essential to track their location and plan ample rest stops to prevent driver fatigue. Our programs allow you to monitor your drivers in real time and plan rest stops in advance.
  • Make sure your employees drive responsibly – The last thing you need is for your goods to sustain damage while being transported, which is why our programs are capable of monitoring driving habits such as acceleration, deceleration and cornering speeds.
  • Bolster your customer service offering – If you know where your drivers are and what the traffic conditions are like, you’ll be able to tell your customers exactly when they can expect their products to arrive.

Utilise the Latest Technology to Enhance Your Business

The latest technological advancements can help you significantly improve your business, so contact us today on +61 7 3286 3220 today to find out how our products can help you.