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Advanced GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking is a fantastic and modern way to make sure you know where your fleet is at all times. It can give you up to date information on any of the vehicles in your fleet as well as real time statistics on location, performance, or emergency situations. It is common for drivers of trucks or mining vehicles to be working alone and in remote areas. Some of these areas can even be hazardous. This will put both drivers and vehicles at risk if they are out of contact for too long. If an emergency arises you will want to be in the know as quickly as possible so that you can save materials, cargo, vehicles, and most importantly lives.

Your GPS Fleet Tracking Experts

One particular GPS fleet tracking solution offered by Future Fleet is IAP, or Intelligent Access Program. This is a specialised GPS fleet tracking service that allows drivers and operators access for heavier vehicles on the network of roads in Australia. Using IAP allows you to monitor and track those excess weight vehicles in a way that allows them to transport greater amounts on roads that were previously off-limits. This means that you can increase profit and productivity all through the benefit of using a GPS tracking system.

IAP will help your business benefit from carrying larger loads and driving longer vehicles on roads or networks previously denied access. Because of the monitoring system you will be able to operate extra trailers, and work during specific hours established ahead of time. The digital technology will allow you to do away with paper-based permits as well. Using IAP is a fantastic way to show your clients your commitment to meeting the demands of their business in a safe and responsible way.

Track Your Fleet At All Times

Fleet IVMS is a package solution offered by Future Fleet to ensure that your company can avoid unfortunate injuries, damage to your vehicles or materials, and the high maintenance costs associated with accidents that can happen unexpectedly. Fleet IVMS offers real-time tracking and area alerts, site overlays, and up to date mapping. It can monitor driver behaviour, which could lead to damage of your vehicle as well as increase the safe driving practices of your drivers. It will allow you to know where your staff is located in case of emergency, allow for faster response times to emergencies, and chart movement in and out of areas that are restricted to certain vehicles.

Future Fleet’s packages are designed to stand up to the toughest conditions. They include NextG smart tracking devices that can be increased to include satellite coverage for when your fleet has to go to the most remote areas for a job or project. Fleet IVMS can ensure total coverage so that you can make productivity your number one goal. It can also include Mandown solutions, which will help you track personnel who may be working in hazardous environments so that safety always remains a top priority.

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