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Australia’s Leading Fleet Vehicle Tracking Providers, Future Fleet Offers Tracking Programs And Devices To Help Customers Establish Effective Monitoring Systems

Businesses in the transportation and logistics industries are constantly searching for solutions that can help them be more productive and, ultimately, earn them more profit. Future Fleet has emerged into one of Australia’s leading fleet vehicle tracking providers, offering businesses a variety of tracking systems to increase productivity.


With our team collectively having 30+ years of experience in the telecommunication and GPS telematics industry, Future Fleet is a well-known and trusted brand for our, Solution focused approach, industry product knowledge, innovative QA service delivery processes and end to end customer service and support structure.

Customer Service

Delivering a great customer experience is an integral part of the Future Fleet solution offering. This ethos extends through every aspect of our interaction with our customers. From the first steps in understanding their needs to implementing the best fit for purpose solution and continuous after sales service and support.

Unique to the market

Future Fleet has designed solutions unique to the market, incorporating new technologies into our existing product range specific to customers’ needs including AI technology and Thermo King/Carrier integrations. At present, we have partnered with Myriota to create a next generation, low-cost, low-power, secure direct-to-orbit satellite IoT device.

Australia’s Specialist In Fleet Tracking Programs

Future Fleet was founded in 2003 when the company recognised that there was a need for greater and better GPS vehicle tracking technology. The company now provides customers with the latest in fleet vehicle tracking devices and cost efficient fleet management solutions. With decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, Future Fleet stays abreast of the newest and most current trends in GPS tracking technology and provides the best possible solutions for its customers.

The company specialises in advanced real-time GPS vehicle tracking, managing fleets, asset tracking, and cost effective solutions for the transportation, logistics, and service industries. With the latest in-vehicle fleet tracking systems, customers can monitor all of their company’s vehicles using online software through satellite, GPRS, and NextG compliant telecommunications. Vehicles can be located at all times and can monitor things like driver behaviour, driver fatigue, and trailer location. Customers can then utilise the tracking information to make decisions that help them become more productive. Knowing the location of vehicles and assets is important. A stolen vehicle or trailer can be very costly.

Fleet tracking programs can also help businesses in the transportation industry beat rising fuel costs and the new fuel tax. With GPS tracking from Future Fleet, companies can calculate the shortest possible route between locations. They can also watch over things like certain driver behaviours, including idling, excessive and harsh braking, and speeding. Tracking programs can also monitor how often a vehicle gets serviced. Monitoring all of these activities can help to improve an entire fleet’s overall fuel economy with an end result of saving a company on its bottom line. Companies can increase their profit by carrying larger loads and being more efficient at doing so.

Mining Industry Benefits From Future Fleet Tracking

Future Fleet also caters to the mining industry, which utilizes in vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS). Drivers are often driving in dangerous territory while alone and a tracking system can help to prevent accidents. Driving in these areas puts company assets at a greater risk of harm. Since drivers face injury and vehicles can sustain costly damage, companies can benefit greatly from using IVMS solutions from Future Fleet. They get real-time vehicle tracking along with hazardous area alerts. Mapping of mine sites is included as well as the ability to monitor various driver behaviours. In case of an emergency, a company knows where its employees are located.

Future Fleet has developed a reputation for its customised fleet solutions and its ability to help companies increase their productivity and improve safety. Customers trust Future Fleet for their honesty and their outstanding customer service and support. The company is also an approved Telstra supplier and an accredited Queensland government supplier. It is another of the many reasons why customers have made Future Fleet one of Australia’s leaders in fleet management solutions.

“The staff at Future Fleet are always available and ready to give us any further information that we require to better utilise the system”
Steve Liddy
Titan Industries

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