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Provide An Easy Tracking Solution With Garmin Fleet Management Solutions From One Of The Leading Providers In Australia

Future Fleet, based in Brisbane, is now an authorised partner of Garmin, providing reliable and cost-effective fleet management solutions to businesses throughout Australia. The company, which started in 2003, has been designing and customising GPS tracking systems and solutions for more than a decade. Future Fleet takes a great deal of pride in customising a solution to meet the needs of a customer. With a strong background in the telecommunications industry, Future Fleet understands Garmin fleet management and provides customers with the latest and greatest fleet tracking and monitoring, technical support, and outstanding customer service.


With our team collectively having 30+ years of experience in the telecommunication and GPS telematics industry, Future Fleet is a well-known and trusted brand for our, Solution focused approach, industry product knowledge, innovative QA service delivery processes and end to end customer service and support structure.

Customer Service

Delivering a great customer experience is an integral part of the Future Fleet solution offering. This ethos extends through every aspect of our interaction with our customers. From the first steps in understanding their needs to implementing the best fit for purpose solution and continuous after sales service and support.

Unique to the market

Future Fleet has designed solutions unique to the market, incorporating new technologies into our existing product range specific to customers’ needs including AI technology and Thermo King/Carrier integrations. At present, we have partnered with Myriota to create a next generation, low-cost, low-power, secure direct-to-orbit satellite IoT device.

Why You May Need A Garmin Fleet Management Solution

Having a system in place to track your fleet of vehicles is necessary these days. With fuel costs so volatile, it is imperative that dispatchers know exactly where their vehicles are so they can minimise the number of miles driven. Garmin fleet management solutions will allow companies and their drivers to calculate the shortest routes to their next stops. The system in place will also permit a company to track driver behaviour. Reports on idling, speeding, and even excessive braking are made available so that owners of a business can figure out how to lower their costs.

Garmin fleet management providers allow a company dispatcher to know exactly where the company’s vehicles are at all times. This is especially important for non-powered assets such as trailers.

What a company does not want is an unattended trailer getting broken into and damaged. Fleet management tools are also beneficial to drivers. Good drivers can be rewarded, and overall safety improved. Ultimately, Garmin can help to increase a business’s productivity, lower costs, and increase profits.

Garmin Now A Future Fleet Partner

One of the things that helps to separate Future Fleet from other suppliers in the industry is its unique solutions. Trailers may not have power, but Future Fleet has designed a solar-powered solution that helps to solve the problem. The vehicle may be out on the road and needs to stop. The driver can easily check the trailer and its location using the Garmin tracking system.

Future Fleet recently became an authorised Garmin partner. Garmin is known across the nation for its reliability and user-friendly navigation products. Garmin Plus will integrate mobile terminals with Plus. This system allows for the quick relaying of messages so that dispatchers are able to find drivers close to a job that needs done. The tracking system finds the closest available truck/employee that is prepared for the job.

Stick With Future Fleet

More businesses rely on the expertise of Future Fleet.

The company offers unique solutions such as solar-powered devices installed on items like trailers. A business tracking solution from Future fleet is always customized and never comes from off the shelf. Future Fleet is so well respected and such a leader in the market that it has become an accredited government supplier of Garmin fleet tracking devices.

For more information about the Garmin fleet management provider Future Fleet, visit the company website, Interested parties can fill out an online enquiry or call (07) 3286 3230.

“The staff at Future Fleet are always available and ready to give us any further information that we require to better utilise the system”
Steve Liddy
Titan Industries

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