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Australia’s Leading GPS Vehicle Tracking Service Provider

For real time vehicle tracking, Australia’s leader is Future Fleet, which provides customised solutions in the area of fleet management. The company specialises in advanced GPS vehicle tracking systems as well as fleet management, asset tracking, and more. The goal is to provide complete GPS fleet management solutions for the logistics, transportation, and field sales and service industries.

One Of Australia’s Leading GPS Vehicle Tracking Service Providers

Recognising a need for greater GPS technology within these industries, Future Fleet formed back in 2003. With many years of experience in the telecommunications field, the company’s leaders understand that keeping current with technology and providing tremendous customer service and support is paramount to success. As a result, Future Fleet has become one of Australia’s leading GPS vehicle tracking service providers.

Based in Brisbane, Future Fleet provides GPS vehicle tracking for businesses all over Australia. In working with the company, customers can benefit greatly from vehicle monitoring. They can keep track of every vehicle in their fleet in real time. This is important because the last thing a company needs or wants is a lost or stolen vehicle. Besides keeping track of vehicles, GPS vehicle tracking software can include the capability to monitor drivers’ actions, drivers’ behaviours, trailers attached to vehicles, and much more.

Companies can use the data they collect from a GPS vehicle tracking program to help improve safety as well as help to save money and increase profits. With the rising cost of fuel, it is imperative that drivers use the shortest possible routes between jobs. GPS tracking software allows for the calculation of the most economical routes to help save fuel. As mentioned, the tracking software can also monitor drivers and their behaviours and actions. Excessive and harsh braking or speeding can be addressed to once again increase efficiency, productivity, and ultimately a company’s bottom line.

Save Money And Improve Safety With Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Future Fleet also helps to improve the safety of drivers with their monitoring systems, especially the man down solutions offered in the mining industry. Drivers in this industry are often faced with dangerous terrain many times in the most remote parts of the country. A monitoring program can help to reduce the effects of accidents involving a company’s employees and vehicles. Accidents can be costly and a Future Fleet in-vehicle monitoring system can provide great benefits to a customer.

A company will always know where a vehicle is located. Special hazardous area alerts are available to inform drivers and others of any potential problems. Mining site maps are available to help guide drivers and, once again, driver behaviour can be watched. If there should be an emergency situation, teams can respond much quicker with a vehicle monitoring program.

Future Fleet did not become one of the country’s leading providers of fleet management and GPS tracking services by accident. For over a decade now, the company has delivered high quality technology, products, and services to businesses around the country. Those businesses have reaped the benefits of Future Fleet’s expertise and have become safer and more productive. Future Fleet will continue to provide both custom tailored fleet management solutions and outstanding customer service and support in the future.

“The staff at Future Fleet are always available and ready to give us any further information that we require to better utilise the system”
Steve Liddy
Titan Industries

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