Bus & Coach

Environmental and economic concerns are important issues facing transit operators throughout Australia. Providing an affordable, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly service is extremely important.

Future Fleet provides a total telematics solution allowing operators to locate their fleet in real-time whilst monitoring vital engine and vehicle information, driver behaviours and journey information.

Transit operators can access a range of extensive reports including RAG driver scoring, measured fuel reporting, location, speed, harsh braking, ignition on/off, speed and bus top geofencing and detailed trip or job reports easily and conveniently.

The Future Fleet MiX Telematics Bus & Coach Solution uses the RIBAS, an in-cab driving aid that uses status lights and audible warning tones to help drivers correct their behaviour in real-time. This combined with driver scoring encourages drivers to drive safely with decreased speeding and harsh braking. Ultimately reducing accident rates, prolonging vehicle maintenance and providing a safe and comfortable experience for passengers.

Future Fleet also offers the MiX Safedrive Driver Training which gives drivers the tools to drive safely, improving driving behaviour in just weeks after implantation. Safer driving behaviours provide an enjoyable experience for passengers whilst saving a substantial amount in fuel and accident repairs for the operator.

Benefits of the Future Fleet Bus & Coach Telematics Solution include:

  • Safer driver and passenger environment
  • Improved passenger comfort and safety
  • Improved driver management
  • Reduction in insurance claims and cost
  • Lower accident rates
  • Vehicle maintenance savings
  • Fuel savings
  • Improved asset utilisation
  • Less engine idling
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Effectively manage servicing, registration, insurance and licensing
  • Enhance customer service
  • Better your operations efficiency
  • Extensive geofencing including speed and bus stops

For more information on Future Fleet Bus & Coach Telematics Solutions contact us on 07 3286 3220