Transport & Logistics

Driver fatigue or drowsy driving is fast becoming the number one safety concern for road transport operators throughout Australia. According to NHVR, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, the main causes of ‘drowsy driving’ are too little sleep, driving at times when you would normally be asleep and working or being awake for very long hours.

Future Fleet offers a total fleet management solution for transport operators helping to combat driver fatigue, improve driver safety and driver behaviour, whilst streamlining operations and increasing productivity.

Future Fleet’s solution consists of in-vehicle GPS tracking, trailer monitoring, driver identification and behaviour monitoring, in cab camera (MiX Vision) and driver training (MiX SafeDrive).

When an event occurs, such as harsh braking, Mix Vision triggers the automatic upload of two 15 second low resolution videos. One showing the driver and one showing the road.

Combined with state-of-the-art CanBus functionality, accurate live ECU speed monitoring and tailored event control, The Future Fleet MiX Telematics Solution will improve driver

safety and awareness, and assist in public liability, insurance and proof of responsibilities. Lowering accident rates and increasing job productivity.

  • Real-time Live Monitoring
  • 3G and Iridium GPS Telemetrics
  • CanBus Engine Management
  • Driver ID
  • Email/SMS speed alerts
  • Driver scoring performance reports
  • Advance reporting including speed, event & fuel
  • Anti-tampering system
  • Geoboundary reports
  • Harsh braking and accident recording
  • Effectively improve driver behaviour and safety with additional options such as
  • Mix Vision, Mix Rovi and MiX SafeDrive
  • Improve driver communications, job productivity and navigation with Mix Rovi
  • Monitor trailers using solar power