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Those who work in the mining industry can benefit greatly from the solutions provided by Australia’s leading IVMS providers, Future Fleet. Drivers working in the industry can find themselves in very remote areas often working alone. Navigating hazardous terrain can be dangerous, especially when alone and when there are risks involved. Future Fleet provides businesses in the mining industry with customised solutions including the IVMS with man down lone worker solution designed specifically for those who may operate alone in dangerous conditions.

Advanced Remote Worker Safety Monitoring

Companies can benefit from using Future Fleet’s IVMS man down lone worker solution by having real-time vehicle tracking as well as hazardous area alerts. They are also provided with up-to-date mapping of all mine sites. Companies can keep track of driver fatigue and monitor all driver behaviours including speeding, harsh braking, and more. An IVMS live tracking system from Future Fleet allows a company to know exactly where a driver is at all times, especially in the case of an emergency.

Future Fleet was founded in 2003 to offer those in the transportation and logistics industries greater GPS capabilities. Recognizing a need for greater GPS technology, Future Fleet has become one of Australia’s leading providers of fleet management solutions. For over a decade now, the company has been providing customers with the latest in GPS tracking technology and effective cost effective solutions. Based in Brisbane, Future Fleet provides customised solutions with reliable ongoing support for businesses all over Australia.

Future Fleet Is Australia’s Specialist In IVMS Live Tracking

The company specialises in advanced real-time GPS live tracking. Customers are able to know exactly where their vehicles and assets are located at all times using web-based tracking mechanisms supplied by Future Fleet. Companies that utilise the in-vehicle tracking systems receive a total GPS fleet management solution customised to fit their needs. They also receive ongoing support and constant updates. Future Fleet stays well ahead of the curve when it comes to changes in GPS tracking technology.

Not only does Future Fleet offer man down lone worker solutions for companies, it also can track driver fatigue as part of a customer’s fleet tracking. With IVMS tracking systems, companies receive information about how far a driver has driven at any given time. This way, a company can put into place certain fatigue management strategies to help reduce the risk of injury or accident. It is another of the many ways that Future Fleet benefits businesses that use its tracking systems.

Ultimately, Future Fleet can help businesses save money and be more productive. GPS tracking allows a company to map out the shortest possible route between jobs. This can help eliminate excess mileage and help to save on fuel costs. Driver behaviour can also be monitored to help save on fuel. Idling, excessive braking, and speeding can be monitored and those behaviours can be addressed to help save on fuel costs too. A tracking system from Future Fleet can even track how often a vehicle has been serviced. This can help increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and affect a company’s bottom line.

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