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Future Fleet Is Australia's Specialist In Real Time Vehicle Tracking Using An In-Vehicle Device And GPS System

Keeping track of your fleet and assets can be a difficult job without the assistance of a top-notch fleet management company such as Future Fleet. Since 2003, the company has been servicing all of Australia specialising in advanced GPS real time vehicle tracking as well as asset tracking, fleet management, and cost effective solutions for those in the transportation, logistics, and the field sales and service industries. Based in Brisbane, Future Fleet provides vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions to the entire country.

Real Time GPS Fleet & Heavy Vehicle Tracking

Future Fleet stocks the latest in GPS tracking technology so that they may provide customers with the best in a real time fleet and heavy vehicle tracking system. The company started in response to a major need for greater GPS technology in the transportation and logistics industries. With decades of experience in the telecommunications sector, the management at Future Fleet understands the importance for having the latest and best in technology. The company continually is searching for the latest updates, changes, and technology related to real time tracking.

With real time tracking, customers of Future Fleet can locate any of their vehicles at any given time. Just knowing where vehicles, heavy vehicles and assets are located can provide comfort to business owners. A lost or stolen vehicle can create severe problems and will also be very costly. A tracking device can also monitor things like driver behaviour and driver fatigue. Companies can see if a driver speeds or brakes excessively or too harsh. How long a driver has been behind the wheel can also be assessed to help monitor fatigue.

Save Money With A Real Time Vehicle Tracking System

A real time vehicle tracking device can help a company manage its fleet better and, ultimately, save money. With rising fuel costs and the new fuel tax eating away at companies’ profits, GPS tracking can help cut costs. Modern tracking devices allow for the calculation of the shortest possible route between jobs. Drivers will eliminate any unnecessary kilometres and save on fuel. As mentioned, a tracking system can monitor driver behaviours such as speeding, idling, and braking. Each of these behaviours can be corrected to make the driver, and the vehicle, more efficient. The monitoring mechanism can also track how often and when a certain vehicle is serviced. By watching each of these individual factors, a company can improve upon a driver’s and a vehicle’s efficiency. The end result is saving money for the company.

Real time monitoring systems can also help to make companies safer, especially those in the mining and heavy vehicle industries. Future Fleet works with many companies in the mining and gas industries providing solutions to help protect assets. In-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) help to reduce the risk of drivers who often operate in remote, dangerous areas and do so by themselves. Tracking allows a company to know exactly where there vehicles and employees are at all times. Future Fleet not only saves companies money, but the company also helps to reduce the risk of losing employees to accidents.

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