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Find Solar Trailer Tracking Devices At One Of Australia’s Leading Providers Of Tracking Software, Future Fleet

One of Australia’s leaders in GPS vehicle tracking devices also offers solutions unique to the transportation and logistics markets. Future Fleet, founded in Brisbane in 2003, began out of a necessity for greater GPS technology in the transportation and logistics industries. With many years in the telecommunications industry, the management at Future Fleet understands the importance of staying on top of the latest technology as well as providing outstanding customer service and support. This has allowed the company to grow its reputation for excellence within the industry.

Solar Powered Trailer Tracking Devices

The fleet management solutions developed by Future Fleet are not the run-of-the-mill, off-the-shelf variety. The company offers customised programs aimed to meet the needs of an individual customer. Future Fleet is always searching for new GPS technologies and methods to incorporate them into their solutions. One of the systems they devised, solar trailer tracking devices, is unique to the industry. The devices allow a company to track an asset, such as a trailer, even though it is non-powered.

Future Fleet realises that road freight trailers are an important part of the transportation industry and are a valuable asset to businesses that operate them. Businesses that lose a trailer or have one stolen undergo significant losses to their operations. Solar trailer tracking software can help to prevent that from happening. There are a number of trailer tracking solutions that Future Fleet can customise to an individual situation, including solar powered devices. The company even provides a range of other services that include temperature monitoring and weight information.

The Leader In Real Time Tracking

Companies looking for the ability to carefully monitor their vehicles, assets, and employees are able to do so with the customised fleet management and GPS tracking systems of Future Fleet. The company is also one of the few solar trailer tracking providers in Australia with several solutions to meet the needs of a growing industry.

Future Fleet specialises in advanced GPS real time web-based vehicle tracking. They also are adept in devising GPS fleet management systems, asset tracking systems, and cost effective solutions for the logistics, transportation, and field sales and service industries. With online user software and in-vehicle hardware, customers can easily locate any of their vehicles in real time. They are able to view driver activity as well as monitor driver fatigue. As mentioned, they also have the ability to track trailers along with vehicles.

The results provided by Future Fleet allow companies to become more productive and more efficient. Tracking systems allow for the calculation of the shortest, most effective routes between jobs. This helps to reduce the rising fuel costs. Driver behaviour can be watched and corrected. Excessive braking or speeding can be monitored. Drivers and vehicles become more efficient as a result and, in the end, a company saves money and makes more profit.

Companies using tracking technology from Future Fleet can also reward good drivers by monitoring RAG, or driver scoring. This can help improve safety and encourage more efficient driving.

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