MiX Agility

MiX Insight Agility is an extension to the MIX Insight Reports suite allows for dynamic data interaction in Microsoft Excel. Unlike static reports, users finally have the power to create and shape customised reports in the format they prefer.

MiX Insight Agility is ideal for users who are looking for true autonomy in their reporting as well as new, more exciting and cost-effective ways of analysing data. Reports are compelling and easy to alter or enhance, allowing users to customise their analyses to their own needs.

MiX Insight Agility Features

  • No separate sign-ups
  • The Excel template contains detailed instructions, a glossary, links to useful videos, and instructions on how to create PivotTables, Pivot Charts and more.
  • Users can explore and analyse a number of areas relating to their data, which can then be easily transformed using familiar tools in Excel to create the desired format and layout. MiX Insight Agility is exclusively built for use with Microsoft Excel. Various plug-ins and data connectors are available for other BI tools on request.

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