MiX Hours of Service

Hours of Service is an optional service offering. It provides covers the entire operational business process of driver fatigue management, namely the assignment of driving hours rules, measurement of driver activities, intervention when necessary, and reporting for audit and continuous improvement purposes.

MiX Hours of Service is offered within the DynaMiX tracking platform providing operators a single point of access for complete operational reference.

Built for customers who want to manage driving-related fatigue, MiX HOS facilitates the recording of driving and “not driving” states, without any driver input. This data from the vehicle is then made available to managers via MiX’s secure software platform for alerting, viewing and auditing.

MiX HOS not only simplifies adherence to HOS rules, but keeps drivers safe and productive in the process. Combined with improved business processes, the solution can deliver real business and safety outcomes for organisations across a diverse range of industries – in both regulated and nonregulated environments.

MiX Hours of Service Features:

  • Centralised driver management
  • Log viewing and editing
  • HOS reporting
  • Comprehensive rule-set support
  • Real-time alerts

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