MiX Journey Management

Journey Management is an optional service offering. It provides extremely robust and flexible route management controls, governance and planned vs actual visibility and interaction. Like MiX Vision it is offered within the DynaMiX tracking platform providing operators a single point of access for complete operational reference.

MiX Journey Management offers an easy-to-use electronic alternative to paper-based systems that ensures all risks relating to journeys are readily visible to decision makers when it matters most.

The solution comprises a wholly online process incorporating journey requests, journey approvals and journey monitoring. During the journey request phase, the driver, environment and asset in question can be risk-assessed, after which the journey is either approved or not. If and when a journey is approved, then it goes on to be automatically monitored in real-time.

While a journey is underway and being monitored, operations staff are immediately notified of deviations using exception based monitoring. MiX’s reporting and analytics tools also make it possible to identify repeat contributors to high-risk journeys and identify trends that can be used to optimise operations.

MiX Journey Management Features:

  • Fully Integrated
  • Journey requests and approvals
  • Journey Monitoring
  • Real-time notifications
  • Road hazard assessment
  • Static compliance checks
  • Robust reporting

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