MiX SafeDrive (Driver Training)

Safety, collisions, injuries and associated liabilities are serious concerns in organisations that depend on their drivers. Ongoing consultancy, training and monitoring are essential for the effective management of your drivers’ safety.

MiX SafeDrive is a consultancy and web-based driver training application that will reduce this concern by helping to identify, mitigate and manage driver risk. MiX SafeDrive is ideal for implementation by fleet managers, HSE manager, risk managers, finance managers and even HR managers.

MiX SafeDrive features:

  • Web-based training
  • Easy deployment
  • Cost effective
  • Interactive, stimulating and realistic HPEs with 20 available HD driving scenarios.
  • 20 minute targeted modules, the proven attention span for adults
  • Material is localised, available in 45 countries and 55 different languages
  • Policy tests can be designed and set up, thereby reinforcing existing safe driving practices.

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