Bus & Coach Telematics

Bus & Coach Telematics

Future Fleet provides a total telematics solution allowing operators to locate their fleet in real-time whilst monitoring vital engine and vehicle information, driver behaviours and journey information.

Compliancy, safety & accountability

Future Fleet offers a range of telematics solutions designed specifically for the bus and coach industry. From standard odometer reporting to advanced driver profilling, engine management (CanBus) and government compliance, Future Fleet delivers transit operators small or large with the tools to successfully manage their fleet and drivers. The Future Fleet® Bus & Coach Solution makes it easier to protect drivers and run a compliant, safe and responisible operation. Transit operators can access a range of extensive reports including RAG driver scoring, measured fuel reporting, location, speed, harsh braking, ignition on/off, speed and bus top geofencing and detailed trip or job reports easily and conveniently.

Encouraging better drivers with MiX RIBAS

The Future Fleet® Bus & Coach Solution uses the RIBAS, an in-cab driving aid that uses status lights and audible warning tones to help drivers correct their behaviour in real-time. This combined with driver scoring encourages drivers to drive safely with decreased speeding and harsh braking. Ultimately reducing accident rates, prolonging vehicle maintenance and providing a safe and comfortable experience for passengers.

RAG reporting with My MiX

The Future Fleet® Bus & Coach Solution gives transit operators the ability to not only monitor fleet location, but improve driver safety and passenger comfort through extensive driver behaviour reporting. MiX Telematics RAG reports are widely used throughout the health and safety environment, giving users the ability to report on driver violations in context with distance travelled. A driver's RAG score is based on occurrences of over speeding, harsh acceleration and harsh braking averaged over time and distance. The lowest score being the best score. Drivers can access their score through the MyMiX app, accessible through both Andriod and Apple mobile devices.

Driver camera MiX Vision

MiX Vision is an in-vehicle camera solution with both forward and driver facing cameras, capturing the vehicle surroundings and the driver at once. This snapshot gives fleet managers an accurate inside view of their fleet operations seeing MiX Vision is used in conjunction with a MiX Telematics device and can have up to 4 cameras installed (forward facing, driver facing and two side cameras).

Journey planning with MiX Journey Management

Planned journeys are captured into the system, associated risks to the driver, environment and asset details are identified and a risk rating of the journey is calculated. Based on the risk rating, the journey follows a flexible plan. While a journey is underway and being monitored, any deviations to the plan are recorded and operations staff are notified. MiX Journey Management is an extension to the MiX Fleet Management platform that can be activated on any MiX Telematics solution.

Advanced reporting with MiX Insight Agility

MiX Insight Agility is an extension of MiX's current reporting suite and uses Microsfot Excel as the user interface. As such, it is accessible, easy to use and flexible. MiX Insight Agility inlcudes tools such as PicotTable, Pivot Chart, Timline and slicers to analyse data and create interactive applications. The Excel template comes with detailed instructions and can be refreshed at the touch of a button when data is updated. MiX Insight Agility is now able to be supported and embedded as a data source into Power BI Desktop, a powerful Microsoft tool.

Improving driver safety with MiX Safedrive

Future Fleet also offers the MiX Safedrive Driver Training which gives drivers the tools to drive safely, improving driving behaviour in just weeks after implantation. Safer driving behaviours provide an enjoyable experience for passengers whilst saving a substantial amount in fuel and accident repairs for the operator.

Driver behaviour, ID & FBT with MiX DriveMate

Much like the MiX RIBAS, MiX DriveMate is a small In-Cab visual device but provides Driver ID (using compatible Mifare card), a button to select different driving reasons i.e. Business, Personal or Privacy and information to help improve driving styles. MiX DriveMate is an all-in-one driver behaviour, driver ID and FBT device that can be added to a MiX 4000 and 6000 solution.

Approved by TransLink

TransLink is a division of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads providing high-quality transport services, ticketing, information and infrastructure throughout Queensland. The Future Fleet® Bus & Coach Solution meets TransLink specifications and is an approved solution for TransLink tenders.

Bus & Coach Telematics Benefits

“By using the Future Fleet System we are able to obtain more precise data for the scheduling of time tables. This has reduced the time involved and given our operational staff a very powerful tool.”

Bruce Fry | Kangaroo Bus Lines kangaroobuslines.com.au

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