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Mining Vehicle Tracking

Future Fleet offer a number of vehicle tracking solutions for the Mining, Oil & Gas Industries. These include MiX Telematics Safer Together approved IVMS and stand alone satellite asset tracking.

MiX Telematics Safer Together approved IVMS

Future Fleet is one of Australia's largest MiX Telematics dealers, providing IVMS solutions to the mining & resources sector throughout Australia. MiX Telematics is a premium telematics package specialising in driver safety and compliance

Approved Safer Together Spec

Our MiX Telematics IVMS solution is compliant with all major Australian mining companies including Santos, BHP, Rio Tinto, Arrow Energy, Origin, QGC, Saipem etc.

Safer Together IVMS Solution Features:

MiX Vision

MiX Vision is an in-vehicle camera solution with both forward and driver facing cameras, capturing the vehicle surroundings and the driver at once. This snapshot gives fleet managers an accurate inside view of their fleet operations seeing MiX Vision is used in conjunction with a MiX Telematics device and can have up to 4 cameras installed (forward facing, driver facing and two side cameras).

MiX Journey Management

Planned journeys are captured into the system, associated risks to the driver, environment and asset details are identified and a risk rating of the journey is calculated. Based on the risk rating, the journey follows a flexible plan. While a journey is underway and being monitored, any diviations to the plan are recorded and operations staff are notified. MiX Journey Management is an extension to the MiX Fleet Management platform that can be activated on any MiX Telematics solution.

MiX DriveMate

MiX DriveMate is a small in-cab visual device providing driver ID, a button to select different driving reasons i.e. Business, Personal or Privacy and information to help improve driving styles. MiX DriveMate is an all-in-one Driver ID, Driver Behaviour and FBT device that can be added onto MiX 4000 and 6000 devices.

MiX Telematics IVMS Fleet Management Features:

Satellite solutions for mining assets

Locating and managing assets in remote locations can be a challenging and often an expensive task. Future Fleet offer a number of solutions using the Iridium and Globalstar satellite networks making the task effortless. Future Fleet are currently working to create a next generation IOT Myriota satellite asset tracking device.

At SRMA we utilise Future Fleets ‘in vehicle monitoring systems’ in all of our road and road/rail vehicles as a ‘safety culture’ improvement tool with the intent to improve on driver behaviour. Since installing the systems across our fleet we have seen a reduction in vehicle and driving events.”

Michael Charlesworth |

Speno Rail Maintenance Australia

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