Reefer Telematics

Iridium Satellite Reefer 2 Way Telematics

Single platform for all logistic & cold chain requirements, from daily transport operations to cold chain delivery. Supports Thermo King, Carrier, Mitsubishi and custom probe temperature options with Iridium satellite capabilities, providing nationwide coverage.

Refrigerated Trailer Tracking & Remote Operation

At Future Fleet, we’ve been refrigerated trailer monitoring providers since 2003, and we’ve provided our programs to thousands of companies in Brisbane and beyond. We endeavour to be the best providers in Australia by constantly utilising the latest technology, ensuring our programs are easy to use, providing an unmatched level of customer service and making sure our programs will not fail or let you down. 

2 way control with iridium satellite monitoring

Future Fleet® Reefer GPS Tracking Solution allows you to remotely start up, shutdown and control set point temperature, receive fault codes, monitor fuel levels and the current cycle and receive door open and close alerts. All in real-time and in the most remote locations using Iridium satellite coverage as fall back dual mode communication.

Carrier, Thermo King & Mitsubishi integrated

Our reefer monitoring & remote operation systems can be applied to any refrigerated asset using Carrier, Thermo King or Mitsubishi refrigeration units. Operators of using any or all of these refrigerated assets will have real-time location monitoring across their entire fleet. All on one platform.

Real-time data in map & list views

  • Set up according to user role and preference, with creitical data delivered in real-time and movement updated every 2-3 min depending on customer requirements.
  • Users have the ability to customise how their data is displayed in list map views.
  • Mainfest inventory can be populated manually or automated via API and users can assign for team reference.

Real-time reefer error codes & alerts with historical data

  • Protect product loss and service proactively with flexible real-time notifications
  • Reefer alarms are reported immediately displaying the alarm code, description of the alarm and level of severity. OEM recommended action.
  • Alarms can be sent via email and/or SMS as required by the user.

Temperature zone monitoring

Plus provides a visual chart inspection with coverage of:

  • Operational and movement status
  • Fan speed of each zone
  • Temperature – ambient, supply, return coil, set point
  • Operation temp range
  • Reefer hours
  • Distance in kms
  • Proof of in-transit termperatures report displaying temperatures by zone, time and date. This report can be emailed to any nominated email address

“Use of the Future Fleet systems to monitor refrigerated units has provided a higher level of visibility and control of planned and real-time operations. Ease of use within the system has meant we have been able to provide dynamic visibility to our customers and reduced costs by introducing self-managed capability to previously externally supported tasks.”

David Brewster | Pacific National Express Vic

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