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Future Fleet offers a total transport & logistics fleet telematics solution to help operators to combat driver fatigue, improve driver safety and driver behaviour, whilst streamlining operations and increasing productivity.

Truck Fleet Telematics for operators of all sizes

Future Fleet realises that not all transport operator requirements are the same. Whether it be a solution for a combination of trucks and trailers, refrigerated transport with reefer monitoring units or a fleet of 5 or under. Transport operators have different requirements that call for a range of products tailored to suit. Our truck fleet telematics solutions range from in-vehicle GPS tracking (4G and optional Irridium satellite), trailer monitoring, driver identification and behaviour monitoring, in cab camera (MiX Vision/idrive) and driver training (MiX SafeDrive).

NHVR approved EWD Solution

An EWD is an electronic device/software app approved by the NHVR, to monitor and record the work and rest times of a driver. Replacing traditional methods such as log books and creating a paperless, electronic system. The Smart eDriver app allows operators to manage their driver and vehicle data from a single portal, reducing logbook management. It’s chain of responsibility automation includes:

  • reporting for record keeper
  • exemption notification for fatigue breaches
  • Notification to driver for fatigue rule time
  • Visability of time left driving
  • Visability of time to next break
  • Real-time logbook visibility

Trailer and asset tracking

Future Fleet's solar trailer and asset tracking devices are the latest in solar power generation technology with triple-axis accelerometer motion detection and IP67 waterproof casing. Perfect for transport operators with a mix of vehicles, trailers, assets and even refrigerated units. Allowing users to monitor their entire fleet on one platform.

Cold Chain Telematics Solution

The Future Fleet® Reefer GPS Tracking Solution can be applied to any refrigerated asset using Carrier or Thermo King refrigeration units. Operators of both asset types will have real-time location monitoring across their entire fleet, on one platform! The Future Fleet® Reefer GPS Tracking Solution allows you to remotely start up, shutdown and control set point temperature, receive fault codes, monitor fuel levels and the current cycle and receive door open and close alerts.

Encouraging safer driving styles

MiX DriveMate is a small in-cab visual device providing Driver ID and real-time driving information on acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding via LED indicators. LED lights and a buzzer will sound to notify the driver if any of these parameters have been breached. Giving them the opportunity to correct their driving behaviour.

Journey planning with MiX Journey Management

Planned journeys are captured into the system, associated risks to the driver, environment and asset details are identified and a risk rating of the journey is calculated. Based on the risk rating, the journey follows a flexible plan. While a journey is underway and being monitored, any diviations to the plan are recorded and operations staff are notified. MiX Journey Management is an extension to the MiX Fleet Management platform that can be activated on any MiX Telematics solution.

tired driver

Combating driver fatigue & distraction

Driver fatigue or drowsy driving is fast becoming the number one safety concern for road transport operators throughout Australia. According to NHVR, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, the main causes of ‘drowsy driving’ are too little sleep, driving at times when you would normally be asleep and working or being awake for very long hours. Future Fleet has a number of driver fatigue monitoring solutions to help transport operators combat these issues. Whether it be AI technology, or a combination of engine management and advanced camera systems. Future Fleet has got you covered ranging from standard driver cameras and AI technology to a NHVR approved EWD (Electronic Work Diary) solution.

MiX Vision

MiX Vision is an in-vehicle camera solution with both forward and driver facing cameras, capturing the vehicle surroundings and the driver at once. This snapshot gives fleet managers an accurate inside view of their fleet operations seeing MiX Vision is used in conjunction with a MiX Telematics device and can have up to 4 cameras installed (forward facing, driver facing and two side cameras).

idrive ai solution

AI Camera Solution

idrive is an AI powered in-cab camera, stand alone telematics solution. It provides facial recognition, seatbelt detection, fatigue and drowsy driver detection, and safe distance warning while monitoring speeding, harsh braking and harsh cornering. MiX Telematics is also in the process of bringing an AI camera to market in the near future.

Future Fleet Transport & Logistics Solution Features:

“It is just the ease with which you can see what is happening, either from work or home”

John  Gallagher| Nolan’s Interstate Transport

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