Fatigue & Distraction AI Camera

idrive AI camera solution

An AI powered driver camera solution fighting driver fatigue and distraction on Australian and New Zealand roads

The facts according to the Australian transport industry

“Driver fatigue or drowsy driving is a safety hazard for the road transport industry. The main causes of fatigue are not enough sleep, driving at night (when you should be asleep) and working or being awake for a long time. It is important for all companies to be aware of the signs of fatigue and distraction within their fleet”.

The facts internationally

Distracted/Fatigued driving is the number one factor contributing to the global increase in commercial vehicle accidents.

driver distraction fatigue
idrive Camera 3D

Fueled by data. Driven by technology.

750 Million kms captured, consumed and analysed every year by the AI machine learning intelligence to produce the most accurate actionable management reports that will drive the following organisational benefits:

  • Operating cost savings
  • Safety and driver accountability
  • Better industry compliance actions

Gain tangible savings against these cost centres

Powered by best of breed

HD 1080 vision capture of driver & roadside Infrared LED for low-light recording & night vision 8 core processor with embedded AI for advanced computing OLED Display for in-cab alerts Wired Panic Button

Machine learning innovation

Intelligent AI safety triggers and warning for real-time in-cab alerts Distracted and drowsy driver detection to prevent accidents Facial recognition automatically identifies drivers for accurate data & reports Accident prediction detects potential accidents, sends alert to fleet manager

Connected to everything

Built in Bluetooth 4.2 + BLE for in-cab device and vehicle integrations WIFI and 4G LTE to upload event footage to the cloud Embedded neutral -network

idrive product
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idrive AI camera solution features

Interested in AI solutions?

iris Intuitive Fleet Management Platform

The iris platform tracks your entire fleet simultaneously for Safety, Efficiency and Compliance. iris intelligence is designed to automatically monitor fleet metrics, perform complex analytics, and assess risk from driver behaviour trends so that fleet managers can make better faster decisions. iris gives you full control over which AI features to implement and then we activate them over the air (OTA)

iris is smart, flexible and scalable

iris fleet management platform

Full control over what is important to your organisation...


Setup fleets, departments,drivers, managers and alert notifications

Operational Optimisation

Set company guidelines against:

  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Efficiency

Keep tabs on anything, know everything!

idrive birds eye view with detail report

Location Tracking

Powerful real-time tracking module with a live in-cab look-in feature

Powerful backend logic that lets you understand your fleet performance at a glance with reports that are built for collaboration

idrive company scoring

Company performance reporting

View or export reports by:

  • Company score
  • Individual driver score
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Exemplary drivers
  • Low scoring drivers that need coaching
  • Fuel Efficiency Score
  • Learn where and when idling occurs
  • Determine locations and regions where idling is more common
  • Track idling rates, fuel consumption and efficiency trends with reports based on:
    • Region
    • Driver or Vehicle
  • Set fuel consumption budgets, idling rate goals and assign them to individuals or teams
idrive efficiency score

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