EWD Solution

Logmaster, our Australian EWD Solution

Future Fleet has partnered with Logmaster as our preferred EWD provider. Logmaster Electronic Work Diary is accredited by the NHVR and is compliant to use in all states and territories of Australia. The Logmaster app is approved with both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets removing the need to carry a paper work diary.

Power -up your compliance with chain of responsibility automation

A better way to show compliance for logbooks, checklists, forms and compliance reporting. Now also supports mass compliance.

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NHVR Certified

NHVR Certified

The Logmaster platform is an NHVR compliant Electronic Work Diary solution for trucking in Australia

Built for Drivers

Taking out the need for paperwork, Logmaster EWD allows Australian drivers to submit real-time declarations and maintenance checks through either their Android or Apple mobile device.

Industry Approved

After listening to key industry members, Logmaster has developed a transport compliance system that ticks all the boxes for your chain of responsibility obligations.

A simple to use app based EWD compliance solution that reduces driver stress and increases reporting accuracy while ensuring NHVR compliance

Works in real-time

Your office compliance team will see your entires as soon as they are made.


No need for any additional hardware. Compliant to use on any Android and Apple smartphone or tablets from the last 10 years

National coverage

Automatic offline mode allows the system to function perfectly while the vehicle is out of network coverage.

Digital driver fitness declaration

Digital vehicle pre-start checklist

Digital reporting and custom form builder

Signature on device for delcarations

Safety officer web portal for easy reporting

Smart rest break notifications

License and registration expiry alerts

Incident reporting system

Supports sub-contractors and drivers who work for multiple companies

Mass Compliance

Logmaster now supports a Mass Compliance module giving record keepers and drivers the ability to create trips. The driver can then report the mass loaded on each trip and the record keeper recieves that information in their management portal.

Logmaster Mobile App

The Logmaster mobile app is certified and approved for use on all Android and Apple smartphones and tablets running recent and current software. (Android 7+ and iOS 12.5.5 to be exact) The Logmaster EWD app removes the need to carry a paper work diary and allows operational efficiencies in transmitting driver work and rest information to company record keepers in real-time. Daily required tasks such as driver fitness declarations and vehicle maintenance checks are also automated with intuitive forms you can complete with just a few taps. The Logmaster App does not track your movement or share your data without your permission. GPS is used at the time you make a work or rest event.

Logmaster Web Portal

The Logmaster web portal has been designed to show you at a glance the state of your fleet. Use the data to help schedule your work and ensure your drivers are not going to breach NHVAS rules. Shortcuts on the dashboard will help you save time and focus on what needs your attention first.

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