Bus Tracking Solutions Are The Newest Step Forward In Commercial Vehicle Tracking

As Australia’s transit industry grows the need for more efficient drivers, safer transit practices, and staying on top of environmental concerns are very important. As an increasing number of people take public transportation, the need for reliable, environmentally friendly, and economically viable transit operations is incredibly important. Future Fleet is excited to provide bus tracking solutions as part of their commercial vehicle tracking capabilities.


CANBUS is a bus tracking solution offered by Future Fleet is NextG Compliant and designed to benefit any bus or transit provider. It is a commercial vehicle tracking system that can reduce the overall operating costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It can improve passenger comfort and safety as well as asset utilization. It also works to increase driver safety and can lower accident rates. Future Fleet’s bus tracking solution will allow for better management and maintenance of vehicles, an easier time with driving management, and overall increased productivity.

By using up to date information from the system operators can locate their fleet in real time, and stay up to date on the most important engine and vehicle information as well as driver behaviour and route information. CANBUS is the all in one commercial vehicle tracking system designed to improve the quality of public transportation.

Future Fleet will meet with you in order to design a package that will specifically suit your mass transit needs. Each package is unique to the system it was designed for. This will ensure that you can feel in total control of the fleet you are in charge of. Future Fleet wants to help you get the best results from your transit system and to do this they will work with you to design the package that is the most effective for your needs.

Improvement in Standards Through Information

By using driving scoring as a reward for good driving behaviour the amount of accidents can be reduced as can the wear and tear on vehicles associated with harsh breaking, speeding, or accidents. Public transit systems are designed to benefit the public, which means that riders deserve the best they can get. Using the various systems associated with Future Fleet these public vehicles can be the most fuel-efficient and the most well run fleet that you can offer your area.

Extra Protection From Accidents

Future Fleet offers fantastic solutions for your bus tracking. Installed on the front of the bus it will monitor the road even while you do. Mistakes happen, and driver’s glance away, but with the Future Fleets range of solutions you will be able to ensure an even greater level of safety.

The specially designed solutions can prevent collisions, which could be detrimental to a bus full of passengers or a car in its path. It keeps drivers and passengers safe. It can improve driving patterns, reduce fuel consumption and improve driving habits. It even provides a smart way for driver evaluation and training. Furthermore, it operates all day and night under any weather conditions, which is great for buses because they have to run in any weather.