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Advanced Driver Fatigue Monitoring Systems

It has happened to many drivers. Long distances, the hum of the road, late nights or several days of driving one after the other. Eventually every driver will have had at least one experience with fatigue at the wheel. Drivers work long and hard hours in order to bring us the goods and services we require. This is part of the job. But when fatigue becomes an issue, things can become dangerous – fast. Future Fleet wants to be a part of safety and reliability on the roads and worksites. Taking advantage of their driver fatigue system as part of your overall package could do more than just increase productivity, it could save lives.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring

Future Fleet includes several personal monitoring components as part of their packages, including a driver fatigue monitoring system. By using the driver fatigue software then every driver can drive with greater ease over longer distances because they will know that they have a second set of eyes working for them. The program will assist drivers in staying aware of their driving habits and whether or not they are getting off track because of the special focus of the driver fatigue system.

Besides driver fatigue software, Future Fleet offers a range of personal monitoring systems that can benefit your staff or loved ones. The Mandown Solution allows you to track not just your fleet but also your staff. This is particularly important when they are working in highly remote locations or in and around mines. By using this system or any of the other personal monitoring systems you can increase response times to emergencies and possibly save lives.

Personal monitoring systems like the Driver Fatigue Software are important elements when it comes to working over extended periods of time, distance, and around dangerous areas. With most trucking, mining vehicle, and other transit fleets you will not be able to keep exact tabs on your employees and fleets at all times. That is why using various tracking solutions available from Future Fleet is so important. But unless those packages include personal monitoring systems then you can never truly be sure that your drivers or employees will be in safe and friendly situations.

Taking Up the Responsibility with Personal Tracking

Using personal monitoring systems for your business and employees puts the responsibility in their hands and yours. That shared understanding of safety will pay off when there is a decrease in accidents, problems, or emergencies due to human error or fatigue. In some packages wearable tracking devices are available that can receive calls and dial up to three preset phone numbers. In such instances the device all supports G-Sensor for fall detection and a panic button. This is ideal for mine workers, drivers in an emergency, or loved ones. Whether your drivers are showing signs of fatigue or you need personal tracking for another reason, you’ll feel safe knowing there is always an extra eye on them while they are working hard.

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