Australian Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Australian Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Our driver fatigue monitoring system continually tracks the driver's eye movements and other behaviours (such as yawning) to provide early warning driver alerts at the first sign of drowsiness, inattention and other distracted driving behaviours. Driver Fatigue and Distraction Monitoring Systems recognise, predict and alert drivers of potentially dangerous driving behaviours - reducing the risk of accidents and injury due to driver exhaustion & distraction. Available Australia wide.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring Camera

Our driver fatigue monitoring system uses a driver facing camera paired with advanced AI algorithms to actively track the vehicle operator's eye movement, head position & other facial features to detect & warn of the early signs of a drowsy driver including; persistent yawning, frequency of blinking & duration of blinking. The system can also monitor other driver safety behaviour events including, seatbelt use, phone use, distraction and smoking.

  • Dash or A-pillar mounted
  • Detects AI driver events
  • Black and white image with infrared LED illumination
  • Detects driver’s pupils even through sunglasses, at night or during low-light conditions
  • Safe for driver’s eyes
  • 920P @ 20 frames a second
  • Built in microphone for audio recording

Driver Fatigue & Distraction Monitoring - How it Works

The driver facing camera continuously monitors the vehicle operator to provide audio and visual alerts (if the AI Driving Coach is installed) when fatigue, distraction or prohibited behaviour AI events are detected. These include:

Driver fatigue warning notification

Driver Fatigue Warning

Active From >30km/h

Trigger: Driver yawning / driver’s eyes closed for 2 consecutive seconds + blinking frequency.

Distracted driver warning

Distracted Driver Warning

Active From >30km/h

Trigger: Driver looks up or down for 4 consecutive seconds.

No driver detected notification

No Driver Detected Warning

Active From >30km/h

Trigger: DSM camera covered. Driver can not be detected.

Driver smoking detected notification

Smoking Gesture Detected

Active From >30km/h

Trigger: Smoking or gesture of smoking – also can detect cigarettes.

Driver using phone notification

Phone Use Detected

Active From >30km/h

Trigger: Phone to ear for 5 seconds.

Our advanced, AI software powered, driver fatigue monitoring system utilises advanced eye detection sensor technology, via an in-cab driver facing camera device, to continuously track the driver’s pupils to detect and alert at the first signs of tiredness including; yawning for 2 consecutive seconds, closed eyes for 2 consecutive seconds and frequency of blinking. Our driver fatigue and distraction camera systems are suitable for cars, trucks and other heavy vehicles being operated on Australian roads and mining sites to complement your AFM or BFM fatigue management policies.   

Monitoring in 920p at 20 frames a second, the driver facing camera devices can detect the driver’s pupils even through sunglasses and at night. Upon detection of driver fatigue, an in-cab alert is triggered consisting of a beep and voice message advising the driver to rest. An alert is also shown on the AI Driver Coach screen.

At the forefront of Fatigue and Distraction Detection Technology (FDDT); our driver behaviour camera system can also monitor mobile phone and seatbelt use, speeding, reckless driving, distraction and smoking. Whilst we are based in Brisbane, Future Fleet offers driver fatigue and distraction monitoring systems (DFDM), and driver awareness and alert systems Australia wide. 

Driver Fatigue & Distraction Monitoring System Price Guide

Starting from just $1150 ex GST, our AI Driver Fatigue and Distraction Cameras are a sound investment in the safety of your drivers and fleet vehicles

Driver Behaviour Monitoring Camera

Road-facing driver behaviour monitoring cameras use AI technology to detect events whilst on the road including; collision warning and following distance - providing real-time feedback and alerts when risky driving behaviours are detected to prevent accidents and injury.

  • Windsheild mounted
  • Detects AI events on the road
  • HD camera detects ADAS (Advanced driver assistance system) events
  • Full colour image
  • 1080p @ 20 frames a second
  • Built in Cat4 LTE modem with fall back to GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Built in microphone for audio recording
  • Built in speaker for audio (beep) and voice alerts in English. Beep and voice alerts can be disabled and replaced with visual alerts on AI driving coach.

Advanced Driver Assistance Events

The road facing camera continuously monitors the road ahead to provide audio or visual alerts (if the AI Driving Coach is installed) when advanced driver assistance events are triggered by unsafe driving behaviours. These include:

Forward collision warning

Forward Collision Warning

Active From >30km/h

Trigger: Risk of collision

driver following too close notification

Following Distance Warning

Active From >30km/h

Trigger: Risk of collision less than safe threshold value (relative vehicle distance / relative vehicle speed <2.7s)

vehicle following distance monitoring

Following Distance Monitoring

Active From >30km/h

Trigger: Risk of collision less than safe threshold value (relative vehicle distance / relative vehicle speed <2.7s)

How Do The Driver Alerts Work?

Drivers have two options when it comes to receiving alerts relating to driver assistance or status events: a standard beep & voice message or a visual alert on the In-cab Coach (optional extra). Both the road and driver facing cameras have inbuilt GPS monitoring to detect the vehicle’s speed – with AI events deactivated below 30km/h for practical reasons. Lane departure warnings are active at 55km/h and above. 

These speed thresholds can be customised during installation to suit special need cases. 

In-Cab View Camera

The in-cab camera records real-time visual and audio footage of the cab’s interior (no AI events).

  • Windsheild mounted
  • Full colour image with wide-angle view of cab
  • Built in infrared LED’s with 3m illumination to record video, inside the cab during low light conditions or at night
  • Built in microphone for audio recording
  • 920P @ 10 frames a second

Vision AI Mobile with MyMiX

MyMiX is an essential component of the package as it engages the drivers with important information about their driving performance and will bake in the benefits of machine vision technology.

Driver fatigue facts

“Driver fatigue or drowsy driving is a safety hazard for the road transport industry. The main causes of fatigue are not enough sleep, driving at night (when you should be asleep) and working or being awake for a long time.It is important for all companies to be aware of the signs of fatigue and distraction within their fleet” - NHVR In Australia, fatigue is attributed as the cause of more accidents than drug and alcohol use combined. Sleep deprived drivers can experience:

  • Micro Sleeps
  • Reduced reaction times
  • Reduction in ability to focus & concentrate
  • Decreased awareness & vigilance
  • Impaired judgement
It is believed that between 20 & 30 per cent of all car crashes in Australia are caused by fatigued drivers. Furthermore, the National Road Safety Action Plan highlights improved technologies, such as driver fatigue monitoring systems, as an important measure for mitigating the risks associated with tired drivers.

The facts internationally

Distracted/Fatigued driving is the number one factor contributing to the global increase in commercial vehicle accidents

tired driver
Driver safety monitoring system

The benefits of AI technology in driver safety monitoring systems

AI machine learning intelligence to produce the most accurate actionable management reports that will drive the following benefits for your organisation:

  • Operating cost savings
  • Safety and driver accountability
  • Better industry compliance actions
A greater return on investment with AI technology

See an increased 10:1 ROI when you use the combination of AI driver behaviour monitoring camera devices with fleet vehicle monitoring . Here are some of the other benefits:

Vision AI Driver Fatigue & Behaviour Monitoring Cameras Features

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