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Australian IVMS Systems

IVMS stands for in-vehicle monitoring system. Comprising of one of more devices often installed within the vehicle's OBD II port - IVMS are used by Australian fleet owners to observe real time GPS telematics such as vehicle speed,  location, engine diagnostics & fuel consumption in addition to risky driving behaviours including speeding, sudden changes in speed, erratic driving and fatigue. 

Market Leading IVMS Systems

Future Fleet specialises in advanced real-time GPS fleet tracking. Customers in the transportation and logistics industries can use IVMS systems that allows for the tracking of vehicles and assets and helps with cost effectiveness. Customers can monitor their vehicles in real time via the web to ensure delivery times are met and that the cargo is safe.

Using Future Fleet IVMS systems, customers have a total GPS fleet management system on hand. By using in-vehicle hardware and online software, Future Fleet allows customers the ability to locate any of their vehicles at any time, customers can monitor trailers, other assets and even monitor driver fatigue. GPS tracking can help customers to improve their productivity. 


The Benefits of IVMS Technology

One of the great results of using IVMS systems installed by Future Fleet is the reduction in costs. Customers are always looking for ways to save and advanced GPS tracking from Future Fleet is one way. With a tracking system in place, customers can track the shortest distance between jobs. They can also monitor drivers’ habits such as idling, speeding, and braking. Individual vehicles’ servicing can be monitored as well. With all of this information, a customer can manage its fleet better and help to cut fuel costs.

Future Fleet IVMS solutions are compliant with all of Australia’s major mining companies. In working in the mining industry, drivers work in some very remote and dangerous areas. Future Fleet can design solutions to protect drivers, vehicles, and company assets. Customers will receive real-time vehicle tracking and hazardous area alerts. The solutions can help to monitor driver behaviour and keep track of where drivers and employees are, especially in an emergency situation.

Customers not only love the real-time GPS tracking systems provided by Future Fleet, but they also appreciate the ongoing support offered by the company. With technology changes and updates, it’s important to have a company that will provide help in dealing with those changes. Future Fleet does so. The company also is an approved Telstra supplier and an accredited Queensland government supplier.

“The staff at Future Fleet are always available and ready to give us any further information that we require to better utilise the system”
Steve Liddy
Titan Industries

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