When Looking For Mining Vehicle Tracking Providers Use One That Provides Customised Devices And Software

When searching out mining vehicle tracking providers you want a company that is going to make sure their products and services are designed specifically for your needs. That is why Future fleet is committed to providing the most up to date mining vehicle tracking devices as well as utilizing current mining vehicle tracking software to help craft the best possible solutions for each of your client’s individual needs.

Exciting New Devices To Help You Reach Your Goals

Future Fleet is devoted to the future of IVMS, and is always searching out new GPS technologies to incorporate into their current IVM solutions. They are committed to using the most advanced equipment possible to ensure awareness and safety for you and your clients. Future Fleets new range of equipment and solutions comes with smart cameras to measure distances, speed, obstacles and more that are in the road and provide the driver with life saving alerts.

Customisation is important because it will allow you to monitor exactly what is needed for superior protection. If you are in need of tracking non-powered assets such as shipping containers there is a range of customised options including options such as weatherproofing of their tracking devices, or even solar powered tracking services for when your important assets will have to make extended trips. Future Fleet equips all of their devices with NextG services so that you can ensure you are always in the know.

As dependable mining vehicle tracking providers, Future Fleet offers a range of NextG devices that will help you meet your needs for safety, the clients’ specifications, and that will help you save money while doing so. These devices offer long distance, out of range GPS tracking services so that no matter how remote your worksite, drivers and vehicles can remain in contact and safe throughout the length of your contract.

Software and Devices To Suit Your Needs

Future Fleet does not offer any of their products directly off the shelf. Their goal is to create a package that will comply with the reporting specifications of every individual client. In doing so you’ll be able to work on mining and gas projects throughout Australia, and you’ll feel comfortable with the knowledge that your fleet and business is part of a larger GPS network that promotes safety and responsibility. Future Fleet has extensive knowledge in the business and can discuss which mining vehicle tracking devices, as well as which mining tracking software, is best suited for each job.

With years of experience as mining vehicle tracking providers, Future Fleet has a wide range of IVMS products available. With a full range of NextG mining vehicle tracking devices for your vehicle and assets that link to well integrated mining vehicle tracking software, you will be able to stay organised, aware, and on top of all your client projects. Future Fleet can integrate their IVMS products into any situation and are ready to work with you to get the job done and stay connected throughout.