MX-01 Direct to Satellite IoT Tracking Device

  • MX-01 Satellite IoT Asset Tracking Solution

    A partnership between Future Fleet and Myriota to create the worlds first IoT tracking device

  • Australian ingenuity

    Designed by Australians with around 80% of the solution made in Australia

  • Global coverage with Myriota

    Myriota and Sphire combined have over 35 constellations and continue to launch more satellites

Global Coverage

The Myriota network has now been expanded with their partnership with Spire

Robust Design

Designed to withstand the harsh elements of Australias remotest of areas. The MX-01 is IP67 Rated.


Verstile applications across a multitude of industries including agriculture, mining, plant hire and construction.

A reliable and cost-effective tracking solution to complement traditional cellular-based GPS tracking devices specifically in remote & isolated areas

Global Satellite Coverage

The MX-01 uses the Myriota satellite network with over 30 constellations worldwide

IP67 Rating

Built to be installed in the most harshest of remote locations

Future Development

Bluetooth connectivity - Connect to peripherals via bluetooth

Long Life Battery

The MiX-01 has a long life lithium battery

Line Power Connectivity

Line Power Connectivity

Input/output Ports

The MX-01 has ignition and 2 optional I/O inputs

Weatherproof design

Designed and built to last harsh environments in the remotest of locations. The MX-01 has IP67 rating allowing for it to be installed externally, perfect for heavy machinery or portable assets such as light towers.

Perfect for remote industries

The MX-01 is suited for us within all industries. However It's robust design and global coverage capability is well suited for mining, agriculture and construction industry.

Myriota network

Myriota are global leaders in low-cost, low-power, secure direct-to-orbit satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things.

How it works

Each time a satellite within the Myriota constellation passes by the MX-01 it communicates with the device, recording the time, location and other data programmed.

Locate your asset

Track the location of your assets via the Future Fleet online platform


Report on engine run times, Iginition on and off and location


Flag servicing, re-fuelling and track location to manage maintenance and repair works

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