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Solar Trailer Tracking

One of Australia’s leading providers of fleet management and GPS tracking systems, Future Fleet, has always been at the cutting edge of technology in the industry. The company has earned a reputation for its excellence in designing custom solutions for those in the transportation and logistics sectors. They have also developed their own unique programs that permit solar trailer tracking.

Developing A Solar Trailer Tracking System

Throughout its time in the industry, Future Fleet has always put the needs of the customer first. No business wants to lose or misplace assets. A lost or stolen trailer creates problems for a business and costs money. Future Fleet decided to develop solar trailer tracking programs that would allow companies to track a non-powered asset like a trailer. Vehicles are easy to monitor with in-vehicle systems, but a trailer is different because there is no power source. The company developed its own unique monitoring device for trailers.

Future Fleet can help a company monitor its non-powered assets as well as all of its vehicles. Their technology is invaluable in the mining industry where drivers often travel through dangerous territory on their own. In-vehicle monitoring systems provide real time vehicle tracking and hazardous area alerts. Mapping imagery is provided to help navigate through questionable areas. Driver behaviour can be monitored to help enhance driver safety and awareness. Because these drivers operate alone in remote areas, real time tracking proves its worth in an emergency situation.

For just over a decade now, Future Fleet has been providing its customers with the latest in technology and the most cost effective solutions in the industry. Over the years, the company has devised some of its own unique solutions, including solar trailer tracking. As an approved Telstra supplier and an accredited Queensland government supplier, the company continues to grow its reputation for excellence in the industry. Future Fleet will continue to move forward and continue to supply its customers with the best, most cost effective fleet management solutions available.

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