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Searching for a GPS Asset Tracking Provider? Future Fleet Delivers Premium Solutions in Australia

It’s a forgotten stretch of road, tucked along the Queensland border. A lone truck sputters down it – driver anxiously trying to find a signal, trailer chugging slowly behind. There’s no sense of direction and no help in sight. This is an all too common scenario for shipping companies, with freighters often lost and cargo left unaccounted for during the day. Future Fleet now offers a way to counter this problem. We introduce customers to GPS asset tracking solutions.


With our team collectively having 30+ years of experience in the telecommunication and GPS telematics industry, Future Fleet is a well-known and trusted brand for our, Solution focused approach, industry product knowledge, innovative QA service delivery processes and end to end customer service and support structure.

Customer Service

Delivering a great customer experience is an integral part of the Future Fleet solution offering. This ethos extends through every aspect of our interaction with our customers. From the first steps in understanding their needs to implementing the best fit for purpose solution and continuous after sales service and support.

Unique to the market

Future Fleet has designed solutions unique to the market, incorporating new technologies into our existing product range specific to customers’ needs including AI technology and Thermo King/Carrier integrations. At present, we have partnered with Myriota to create a next generation, low-cost, low-power, secure direct-to-orbit satellite IoT device.

Future Fleet: About Us

Since 2003 Future Fleet has served as GPS asset tracking provider in Australia. We offer custom solutions to every client, integrating our exclusive technologies into every truck, trailer, and container. We combine a deep understanding of logistics with a dedication to customer support. This ensures superior GPS asset tracking for all.

Future Fleet, as one of the premier GPS asset tracking providers, embraces innovation. Learn how our unique systems, including solar-powered devices and NextG products, can impact your business. Contact us today!?

What is a GPS Asset Tracking Solution?

GPS asset tracking, as the name implies, is a way to constantly monitor vehicles or trailers. It utilises a variety of solutions, such as satellite coverage, all-weather casings, and more, to adapt to specific requirements. It also allows companies to instantly access the locations of their cargoes.

As the leading GPS asset tracking provider in Australia, Future Fleet stresses the need for dependable service and real-time updates. This is why we pair our clients with key technologies, helping them strengthen their shipping policies and improve their efficiencies.

Future Fleet: Our GPS Asset Tracking Solutions

Each company is unique. Therefore, each GPS asset tracking solution must also be unique. Future Fleet delivers multiple services, allowing clients to create programs that best suit their needs. These real-time services include:

  • Location Reporting.
  • Driver Status Reporting.
  • Speed Reporting.
  • Mileage Reporting.
  • Temperature Reporting.
  • Cargo Weight Reporting.
  • … and more.

As one of the leading GPS asset tracking providers, Future Fleet also connects our customers to reliable technologies, including:

Solar-Powered Tracking: Monitor non-powered assets (like trailers) through solar energy.

NextG: Remain in constant contact with every vehicle through NextG coverage.

These GPS asset tracking solutions allow us to better serve our customers and ensure safer, more effective driving experiences.

Our Other Services

Future Fleet isn’t merely a GPS asset tracking provider.

We also offer other crucial services, including:

  • Fatigue Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Vehicle Engine Management
  • Intelligent Access Programs (IAPs)
  • IVMS Solutions

Pair these with GPS asset tracking services to ensure comprehensive support on the road.

Searching for a Custom GPS Asset Tracking Solution Plan? Contact Future Fleet!

Future Fleet ranks among the leading GPS asset tracking providers in Australia. Our dedication to quality service, dynamic programs, and diverse technologies allows us to support every company. To learn more about our solutions contact us today:

Phone: 61-7-3286-3220 Fax: 61-703286- 3229

“The staff at Future Fleet are always available and ready to give us any further information that we require to better utilise the system”
Steve Liddy
Titan Industries

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