MiX Ribas

MiX RIBAS is an in-cab driving aid that helps drivers to improve their driving style. Using Red/Amber/Green (RAG) status lights accompanied by audible warning tones, drivers receive feedback on their driving style in real-time allowing drivers to cor­rect behaviour before exception. This enables custom­ers to manage improvements in driver and vehicle per­formance and, in turn, reductions in fuel consumption, carbon emissions and accident rates.

MiX RIBAS operates in conjunction with a MiX Telematics GPS Tracking Device. It is easily installed with a single cable connection to the respective OBC. Mount­ed to a dashboard, the RIBAS® uses five LED symbols:

R = Ride Comfort

I = Excessive Idle

B = Harsh Braking

A = Harsh Acceleration

S = Over Speeding

The device can be configured in a number of ways providing customers with the most effective method of delivering alerts to a driver. These options include an amber warning, noti­fying the driver that a parameter is close to exceeding the limit.

Our solution consistently demonstrates the following savings in less than 4 weeks:

  • Speeding reduced by 35%
  • 5% improvement in fuel economy
  • 19% Reduction in accident rates (after just 4 weeks)
  • Depot & location idle down by 43%
  • Harsh braking down by 12%
  • Harsh acceleration down by 22%

Throughout the first year of adoption, customers will also see a 19% reduction in accident rates

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