Truck Tracking: A System And Program To Reward Good Driving

You can only learn so much about an employee from an interview. Most of your assessments will come over time on the job. If you work in an office you will have day-to-day interactions with the employee, be able to watch as they work, and talk often with them about their progress, any problems they are having, or how they can improve their workflow. What do you do when your employee is not in your office, but is in fact, on the road away from your company’s home base for the majority of their job? How do you know that they are following the speed limit, staying on the preplanned route, or engaging in the safest driving behaviours? You don’t.

Truck Tracking Changes All That

By working with Future Fleet to create a specific truck tracking program complete with a personalised truck tracking system you can stay aware of your drivers and their style of driving. You will be able to understand how they choose to navigate the roads, and which wear and tear on the truck is from the road itself and which is from your drivers. A truck tracking program will not only keep track of your drivers but it will also keep and communicate information on the life and performance of your truck itself. All the information available to you when you use a truck tracking system will help you keep a better handle on your overheard and staff so that you can stay focused on giving the best service that your clients have come to expect.

Truck Tracking Can Reward Your Drivers

Driving habits can be ingrained. Most drivers have a way of driving that they have been doing since they first got behind the wheel. Whether that was ten days or ten years prior doesn’t matter. Changing habits, especially bad ones, can be very difficult. It can also be met with an extreme amount of resistance from drivers who do a good job but don’t drive to the highest standards of safety. Rather than punishing bad drivers you can reward good ones. A truck tracking program will allow you to monitor all levels of a driver’s behaviour in real time. This information, communicated back to you by the truck tracking system will allow you to compare it with RAG standards. Drivers with high RAG ratings can be rewarded so that they and others will want to drive more efficiently and responsibly as well.

Using Iap In Tandem With Driver Safety

Using Future Fleet’s IAP services means you will be able to obtain larger vehicles access on more roads in Australia. However because of the increased weight of these vehicles the standards and safety monitoring are highly efficient. By engaging in smart and efficient truck tracking you will make sure that even the most stringent rules are being followed so that you can continue to benefit from the IAP program and your drivers continue to improve their RAG scores.